2024 Cullman County Tournament

The 2024 Cullman County Basketball Tournament at Wallace State has been postponed due to the ongoing winter weather. The tournament was originally scheduled to begin Saturday, January 20 but will now begin on Monday, January 22. The condensed schedule affects Junior Varsity Boys and Girls teams. Varsity teams are not affected.

Four of the six days of the tournament will now begin at 4pm. On those days, gates will NOT be open until 30 minutes prior to tipoff.

Tickets are $7.00 each day, cash only. However, an ATM is on site at Wallace State.

If you are unable to attend in person, all games will be streamed live at ccboe.tv as well as the Cullman County Schools app which is available on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. We'll also simulcast our ccboe.tv feed on the Cullman County Schools YouTube channel as well as Facebook.

Downloadable Brackets

Bracket - Junior Varsity Girls (revised)

Bracket - Junior Varsity Boys (revised)

Bracket - Varsity Girls

Bracket - Varsity Boys

Nightly Schedule

Monday, January 22

  • 4:00pm (JVB) - Vinemont vs Cold Springs

  • 5:00pm (JVB) - Good Hope vs Hanceville

  • 6:15pm (VG) - Cold Springs vs Hanceville

  • 7:30pm (VB) - Vinemont vs Fairview

Tuesday, January 23

  • 4:00pm (JVG) - Holly Pond vs Fairview

  • 5:00pm (JVB) - West Point vs Holly Pond

  • 6:15pm (VG) - West Point vs Fairview

  • 7:30pm (VB) - Hanceville vs Holly Pond

Wednesday, January 24

  • 4:00pm (JVG) - West Point vs Cold Springs Semifinal

  • 5:00pm (VG) - Holly Pond vs Vinemont

  • 6:15pm (VB) - West Point vs Cold Springs

Thursday, January 25

  • 5:00pm (JVG) - Good Hope vs TBD Semifinal

  • 6:15pm (VG) - Good Hope vs TBD Semifinal

  • 7:30pm (VG) - TBD Semifinal

Friday, January 26

  • 4:00pm (JVB) - Semifinal

  • 5:00pm (JVB) - Semifinal

  • 6:15pm (VB) - Good Hope vs TBD Semifinal

  • 7:30pm (VB) - Semifinal

Saturday, January 27

  • 2:30pm (JVG) - Final

  • 4:00pm (JVB) - Final

  • 5:30pm (VG) - Final

  • 7:00pm (VB) - Final